Insights from Customer Contact Experts ft. CCW Europe Speakers


In the lead up to this year’s edition of CCW Europe, we sat down to talk all things customer contact with a few members of the event’s advisory board and esteemed speaker line up.

Spanning topics from new technology, changing customer demands and the evolving role of the customer service agent, these conversations helped to paint a picture of what CCW Europe’s event attendees can expect to uncover in greater depth between the 7th to 10th of October in Amsterdam. In a recent content piece, we explore a few of the key points and actionable takeaways gained from the speakers’ exclusive insight. Below we roundup the individual and exclusive content pieces that contributed to this.

Yes, Technology is Changing the Game, But Are You Playing the Right One?

Throughout our conversations with this year’s CCW Europe speakers and Advisory Board Members, there has been one strong underlying theme: technology. Whether they are choosing to implement it or not, the rapid and continuous evolution of tech in the customer contact world is dramatically impacting how businesses choose to interact with the people they serve. 

Read how technology is being implemented with purpose by companies including Bought by Many, Deutsche Telekom and Argos: 

How To Implement Chatbots with Purpose: An Interview with 4 CC Experts

The Role of the Customer Contact Agent is Changing and Demands a New Set of Skills

As the world of customer contact welcomes a new age of technology, it is also forced to reconsider the role of its service agents. In the minds of many, the introduction of the likes of RPA, IA and AI trigger dystopian visions. Conjured images in which robots supersede human ability, steal our jobs and lead to the questioning of our very existence are often the source of genuine pushback when plans to introduce new technologies are announced. In reality, such a future (at least in our lifetime) is nothing more than far-fetched fiction. In most cases, while the ability to automate certain tasks removes the need for human’s to perform them, it opens up an opportunity for human workers to take on far more value-adding activities that this technology simply can’t replicate.

Read how BT and Audible are preparing their agents for the future of customer service:

How Technology is Transforming the Role of the Customer Contact Agent

How to Create a Culture of Listening

An Omni-Channel Experience is both an Expectation and a Necessity

Just as the capabilities of the customer service industry evolves, the expectations of its customers evolve with it. More and more organisations seek to emulate the interactions that customers have in their day to day lives, i.e. instantaneous communication via social networking apps, quick answers through search engines and the 24/7 availability of the internet. As a result, it is increasingly common that customers expect the businesses they interact with to provide the same level of accessibility. As the acceptability of a business-hours only call centre dwindles, organisation’s must rethink the traditional service concept and adapt for a new area of connectivity.

Read how Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom are using technology to drive personalization and omni-channel experiences:

How Deutsche Telekom is Preparing for the Future of Customer Service

How Chatbots are Driving Vodafone’s Omni-Channel Experience

Hear from these speakers featured in these content pieces and explore their stories in more detail at Customer Contact Week Europe, where the best practices for people, technology and processes come together to demonstrate how your business can deliver world-class service.

Drawing executives and advocates enterprise-wide, CCW is an unmissable opportunity to explore the convergence of CX and customer contact. This annual event provides the tools to achieve the enterprise level collaboration required for a brand that speaks, acts and serves with the same vision and voice.

We invite you to join us in Amsterdam to gain practical takeaways, networking opportunities and, more importantly, the inspiration to take the necessary steps toward excellence with hundreds of your peers.

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