#CCWMalaysia is going Digital!

"Digital transformation, contact centre monetisation, operational and service excellence, outstanding customer experience: Customer Contact Week Malaysia covers all of them, and I am greatly looking forward to networking with transformational leaders in July”

Wing Lee, Chief Executive Officer, YTL Communications

Welcome to Customer Contact Week Malaysia Online!

Digital | Customer-Centric | High Performing | Value-Adding

2020 is the landmark year where multiple businesses across various sectors are experiencing turnaround and heavily investing in customer initiatives. The pace of change is accelerating, and customer contact is evolving as disruptive technologies change the way customers interact with brands. Being able to digitally transform and enhance customer contact across all touch points will enable businesses to dramatically improve customer care and experience, thus gaining competitive advantage and market share.

Customer Contact Week Malaysia Online will bring together senior-level executives across a variety of industries to share best practices and real life case studies for driving strategic transformation to deliver high-performing, customer-centric operations and exceptional customer service and experience. 

Join us this July for key takeaways and next actionable steps for your business!

Hear Leading Customer Contact Transformation Case Studies:

Key Topics


Contact Centre Revolution: From a cost centre to a profit centre


Harness technologies such as AI, voice biometrics, self-service to achieve operational and service excellence


Achieve digital transformation, integration and innovation enterprise-wide


Master customer centricity through customer journey mapping, personalisation and customer empowerment


Marry internal and external processes to enable automation in contact centres and across business functions


Deliver truly omnichannel and exceptional customer experiences through technology innovation and people empowerment