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Special Report: CX Automation

Brought to you by CCW Digital, automation is becoming a leading talking point within the customer contact community. 85% of businesses are planning to use automation to improve contact center performance this year, and 30% say that it will play a significant role in performance management. Here’s 5 best practices to ensure your CX automation initiatives are customer-centric, agent-centric and performance-centric.

2018 Customer Experience Automation Event Guide

September 5-7, 2018 | Embassy Suites Milpitas, Milpitas, CA

Rather than leaving the responsibility in the hands of the data scientist or business improvement managers, CX professionals have an ideal opportunity to learn what it takes to offer the best in class automation tools for the ultimate customer experience.

CX Automation 2018 will showcase how customer experience and customer contact leaders are leveraging automation across their organization as a business strategy for planning, launching and further development within the end-to-end customer experience.

Topics Include:

  • Embracing the Inevitable and Preparing for Change
  • Machine Learning and Intelligent Process Automation
  • Exploring the Benefits of Better Bots
  • Master Each Step Successful Automation Strategy
  • Exclusive Tesla Site Tour

5 Steps to Jump Start Your Automation Strategy

Most of us are aware the internal and external benefits of automation to any organization are incredible: faster processes, elimination of mindless and repetitive work, churn reduction, increased employee creativity, greater accuracy, and increased savings and profits. While all of these benefits are certainly desired, undoubtedly, several puzzling questions often arise next, preventing many from exploring how to create an automation strategy for their customer experience program. 

Questions swirl around as we struggle to simply identify what automation actually is:
“How do we get started?”
“What are the risks?”
“How do I do this correctly?”
“What do I need to know?”
“How do I select the right vendor?”
“Do I have to be technologically savvy?” 

Ahead of Customer Experience Automation, take a look at this infographic that will help jump start your automation strategy in just 5 steps.

2018 Customer Experience Automation Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Interested in attending Customer Experience Automation but you're not sure who will be attending? Take a look at the Anticipated Attendee Snapshot to see who might be joining you! Still need help deciding? Email us directly.

2018 Customer Experience Automation - Expert Interview with Erin Van Remortel, Executive Partner Customer Experience Design at Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Erin Van Remortel is a certified Customer Experience Professional (CXPA),  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and respected CX thought leader at Verizon Communications, a leading provider of wireless, fiber-optic and global network services.  As a Customer Experience Strategist, Erin partners with Verizon’s largest enterprise clients to articulate, design, and implements their Customer Experience strategy and vision.  Prior to this role, Erin spent several years listening to, analyzing and sharing the voice of Verizon’s Enterprise customers with leaders across the business to inspire empathy, drive customer-centric process improvements and deliver experiences that create loyal and happy customers. 

Customer Management Practice's Principal Analyst, Ryan Gaviria, speaks further with Erin about her unique philosophy, career journey and deep passion for customer experience.

Speaker Feature: PepsiCo

Featuring: Carola Mariscal, Strategic Transformation and RPA Leader, PepsiCo

Driven, goal-oriented leader that draws on well-developed analytical skills to deliver fact-based decisions, actionable insights and powerful visualizations, Carola will be speaking at Customer Experience Automation this September. Take a look at her speaker interview with Customer Management Practice's very own Ryan Gaviria, Senior Analyst and Conference Director of Customer Experience Automation.