September 05 - 07, 2018
Embassy Suites Milpitas, Milpitas, CA
Erin Van Remortel, Executive Partner Customer Experience Design at Verizon Enterprise Solutions
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Erin Van Remortel

Executive Partner Customer Experience Design
Verizon Enterprise Solutions

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Agenda Day 2

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

3:15 PM AUTOMATION ROADMAP: Master Each Step of Building a Successful Automation Strategy (cont.)

3:15 Choose: Learn how to choose which solution provider is best for your unique needs.
 Erin Van Remortel, Executive Partner Customer Experience Design, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

3:40 Pilot: Testing your chosen plan allows you to analyze its efficiency, effectiveness and performance.
 Samuel Carrington, Help Manager, Lyft

4:05 Rollout: Once your automation plan has been rolled out, build contingency plans where a team of chosen executives keep a watchful eye on various risks,

4:30 Post Implementation: Whether outsourced to the solution provider or managed in house, delegate a party responsible for managing the process, end-to-end with 24x7 support. 

Agenda Day 3

Friday, September 7th, 2018

11:00 AM CASE KEYNOTE: Exploring the Benefits of Better Bots

While customer service centers put chatbots in place years ago to free up time for their employees as they handled customer inquiries, the argument stands that there could have been a better way. Waiting on hold when dialing in, receiving a series of automated responses that don’t meet our needs, waiting in line—these are all extreme pain points along the customer journey. With today’s advancement in technology, a variety of companies can now resuscitate their customer service by deploying more intelligent bots.
Join this session as speakers discuss the latest in bot technology and their newfound benefits.
·         Handle employee onboarding and repetitive tasks
·         Engage customers and initiate private conversations
·         Free hours of time for more meaningful customer interactions
·         Help retain top customers and regain customers
·         Book appointments and track human footfall detection