Video: Personality Matters: New Leadership Skill-set for Transformation in the Digital Age

In this interview, Tara Bate, Learning and Development Manager at Smart Service Queensland, explores:
  • Validating the next frontier by leveraging personality to improve customer interactions
  • Gauging different expectations from different customers
  • Ensuring and promoting positive connections with customers and throughout the organisation
  • Increasing sales and retention as well as shortening call times & receiving higher customer satisfaction

Video: Transforming your Contact Centre into a Superior Customer Service Centre

In this interview, Neil Harrison, Formerly Contact Centre Manager at iiNet, explores:
  • Utilising the personal goals of your people to create a positive culture within the organisation
  • Retaining and treating your staff correctly to keep them loyal and engaged
  • Taking pride in first call resolution and quality service that customers will remember
  • Guiding staff on the transformational change journey and adapting to evolving technology

Video: Successful Implementation of the Multi-Skilled Model

In this video interview, Mark West, Former Manager Contact Centre Operations, Pepper Financial Services, explores how his contact centre has developed multi-skilled models link to company strategic direction and client experience targets and how they are integrating new digital platforms to better engage customers.

How NAB is placing innovation at the heart of contact centre service delivery

In this interview,  Chris Barnes, Head of Operations at NAB, explores the different digital platforms NAB is using in their contact centre to improve customer engagement and satisfaction, as well as the strategies they are using to up-skill staff to work in an omni-channel environment.