Alexey Aylarov

CEO Voximplant

Alexey Aylarov is the co-founder and CEO of Voximplant. In 2008, he graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in Computer Systems and Networks. He co-founded Zingaya in 2010, and Voximplant in 2013. Alexey's expertise spans CPaaS, telephony, audio and video communications, messaging, voicebots and chatbots.

Day 1: Tuesday, December 1st

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

1:00 PM Executive Roundtable: Making Work-From-Home Successful in 2021 & Beyond

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With fewer than 10% of companies planning to fully revert back to the traditional "contact center" model, it is clear that work-from-home is here to stay. Granted, once work-from-home becomes a choice rather than a requirement, the standards will rise. We can no longer ignore challenges related to quality, engagement, training, and workforce management the way we did in 2020. Similarly, we can no longer squander opportunities to elevate the at-home agent experience.

This roundtable will help you develop a work-from-home strategy that will allow to thrive - not simply "get the job done" - as the customer experience evolves in 2021. By following these tips, your agents will be more empowered, your operations will be more agile, your experiences will be more seamless, and your customers will be ecstatic.