Day 2: Wednesday, December 2nd

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Opening Remarks + Design and Deliver a Future-Proof Performance and Incentives Framework

Patrick Ebrahimian - Director of Transformation, UnitedLex Corproation

Fostering engagement through effective performance evalution and incentive-based systems is key to success in the contact center. 2020 shook up metrics, KPIs and "what good looks like" in a massive away. In addition, a more dispersed workforce has added a layer of unexpected challenge to traditional performance and incentive systems. In this session, Patrick Ebrahimian showcases his K-Performer performance and incentive model including how this model can support business continuity.


Patrick Ebrahimian

Director of Transformation
UnitedLex Corproation

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm From Signal to Action: Noteworthy Customer Experiences Require Insights and Execution

Colter Hammer - Product Management Director - Inorganic Growth - Customer Workflows, ServiceNow
Rachel Lane - Solution Principal, Medallia

In-the-moment feedback from customer interactions can improve agent effectiveness in your contact center, as well as the overall customer experience. How you benefit from that clearer picture of your customers depends on taking intelligent actions using those timely insights.

Join experts from Medallia and ServiceNow in this discussion with a CCW analyst about why traditional methods of managing contact centers no longer apply in this age of accelerated digital transformation. Areas covered include:

  • Why fast issue identification and resolution is crucial for improving customer satisfaction
  • Ways to improve cross-functional collaboration and agent experience for a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)®
  • The value of resilient and fast-acting service operations to permanently address customer issues and reduce contact volumes


Colter Hammer

Product Management Director - Inorganic Growth - Customer Workflows


Rachel Lane

Solution Principal


Brad Snedeker

Director of Customer Advocacy


Stephen Ehikian

Co-Founder and CEO


Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director
Customer Management Practice

This year brought on new challenges and saw massive shifts in societal and consumer behavior. Given global challenges throughout 2020, businesses increasingly rely on contact centers to drive engagements through conversations with customers. 

Come and listen to a thought-provoking yet practical session which addresses the current realities of ultra-high customer expectations along with the relentless need to digitize and transform your business. In this session, you will:

·        Gain perspective from contact center innovators on how technology and people can come together to deliver transformative CX through the automation of conversations.

·        Better understand ROI calculations to help move projects along.

·        Dive into several essential use cases for automation that will help your business thrive in 2021.

·        Learn from both technology and business leaders how your contact center can drive digital transformation.

You won’t want to miss this session.  


Jafar Syed

SVP and Chief Growth Officer


Ashish Bisaria

EVP and Global Head of Customer Experience
Firstsource Solutions

Everyone knows that the digital transformation in the contact center is inevitable, and the mission to get there is becoming ever more urgent. While you can more easily move to cloud and add sought-after capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI), bots, and new desktop tools, how does this affect how you actually interact with your customers? How does it impact the customer experience? Just adding AI may create additional automation, but if your customers are frustrated and your agents baffled, you’re taking two steps back.

In this session, we address how you can join the digital transformation while keeping your focus on improving the customer experience. We’ll cover new capabilities that empower the customer with further self-service and cut costs at the same time. We’ll also share some best practices to ensure you’re doing it all the right way: with the customer in mind.


Matt Wujciak

Digital Writer & Editor
Customer Management Practice


Chris Bauserman

VP, Segment & Product Marketing
NiCE InContact


Andy Middleton

Senior Technical Architect


Sumana Srikanthan

Product Marketing Manager


Ajinkya Deshmukh

Senior Product Manager