Day 3: Thursday, December 3rd

  • How to stay proactive to regulatory and compliance changes in a heavily regulated industry
  • How empathy effects customer/employee demands and the way their demands evolve
  • How to “future-proof” contact center operations, ensuring employees always have the skills, tools, and support systems needed to thrive in delivering customer-centric experiences
  • The positive things that we learned because of COVID and the lessons we will take with us as we head into 2021

Celika Caldwell

VP Experience Design


Michael DeJager

Principal Analyst & Head of Production
Customer Management Practice

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm How Autonomous Contact Centers are Driving the Future of CX in 2021

Sandy Ko - Senior Analyst, Customer Contact & Conference Director, Customer Management Practice
Gadi Shamia - CEO, Replicant

2020 changed customer service as we know it. We saw contact centers around the globe come to a halt as lockdowns forced agents to WFH for the first time. Call centers weren't prepared for this transition with higher than normal call volumes and nor were customers with longer hold times and compromised customer service. 2020 exposed the shortcomings of call center operations and made the need for collaboration between human agents and AI that much more evident. 2021 is a time for new beginnings - join us for an intimate conversation with Gadi Shamia, CEO & Co-Founder of and Former COO of Talkdesk, to hear how customers are transforming their call center operations with an Autonomous Contact Center.

Gadi will share:

  • Best practices for implementing an autonomous contact center
  • How one customer reduced costs by 50% in less than 6 weeks following Covid-19
  • What an autonomous contact center means for the future of agents


Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst, Customer Contact & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice


Gadi Shamia


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm 3 Predictions for Contact Centers in 2021

Chris Savio - Manager of Product Marketing, Bold360 by LogMeIn

The events of 2020 have reshaped the way businesses approach customer experience and provide customer support. One department that has felt the whiplash of these changes is the contact center. From work environments to employee and customer expectations to budget constraints, business leaders have had to adjust how their call centers operate and how they engage with customers.

Join this webinar as we take a look into the 2021 crystal ball to discuss our predictions for call centers and customer service, and what businesses can do to stay competitive now and in the future.


Chris Savio

Manager of Product Marketing
Bold360 by LogMeIn

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Top Projections and Previsions: Planning for the Contact Center of the Future

Bobbi Chester - Senior Director, Product Marketing, Genesys
Christopher Connolly - VP, Product Marketing, Genesys


Bobbi Chester

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Christopher Connolly

VP, Product Marketing

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm The Future of Support Has Arrived: It’s Conversational

Kaitlin Petterson - Senior Director of Global Customer Support, Intercom

Customers are interacting at an unprecedented volume yet demanding faster support. They are also engaging in digital channels yet seeking more personalization. Agents are working from home yet requiring more internal engagement and support. Business leaders are enforcing tighter budgets yet expecting better contact center results.

The customer contact landscape is rich with these intimidating, if not contradictory challenges. But with the stakes of the customer experience higher than ever, companies have no choice but to rise to the occasion.

This session will reveal how to conquer these seemingly insurmountable challenges. It will transform unavoidable trends into unparalleled opportunities, empowering you to deliver a conversational support experience that is as customer-centric as it is efficient. Topics include:

- Transitioning from reactive to proactive support

- Meeting customers' need for speed

- Unlocking unprecedented contact center efficiency

- Bridging the customer expectation gap with digital engagement and AI

- Repositioning the contact center as a value driver


Kaitlin Petterson

Senior Director of Global Customer Support

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm 5 Steps to Build a Solid Business Case for Investing in the Agent Experience

Rosalie Girard - Sr. Manager, Business Value, Coveo
Bonnie Chase - Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

Companies with a proactive AI adoption strategy for their support experience stand to gain a significant competitive advantage. With many agents now working remotely, and customers’ expectations for personalization at an all-time high, investing in AI-powered technologies to provide effortless support is a necessity to compete in the 2021 economy.

In this session, we’ll walk you through the measurable benefits of investing in content findability, and AI-driven personalization both for support agents and customers. You’ll get a step-by-step approach to building a persuasive business case for modernizing your support agents’ experiences, with a solid ROI framework to get your executive buy-in.

You’ll learn:

· The tangible benefits that AI-powered search can have on your customer and agent experiences

· The metrics that really matter, and how to look at them in a holistic way to understand the trends happening in your digital and assisted support channels

· Effective methods to boost and measure case deflection


Rosalie Girard

Sr. Manager, Business Value


Bonnie Chase

Product Marketing Manager

2020 put contact center agents to the test in a big way, from transitioning to remote working environments to lacking all the tools they need to deliver effortless CX in the current environment. How can you provide a framework for agents to set their own boundaries in challenging times? How have metrics and KPI’s evolved, and what should we as leaders be doing to effectively incentivize and engage agents? In this session, Micah Citti and Jennifer Lien dive into the agent experience lessons learned in 2020 and will provide key takeaways that can be used to future-proof your own agent experience.


Michael DeJager

Principal Analyst & Head of Production
Customer Management Practice


Micah Citti

Customer Service Operations Manager


Jennifer Lien

Associate Manager