Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst, Customer Contact & Conference Director Customer Management Practice

Day 1: Tuesday, December 1st

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

12:00 PM Opening Remarks + Fireside Chat: The Value of Empathy, Human Connection, and Technology on Delivering World-Class CX

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Although much of 2020 has been under quarantine we’ve discovered technology that has aided in connecting people together.

We’ve seen and experienced losses and challenges. However, this year we’ve also learned the value of empathy, human connection, and technology and how that can have an impact on us and those around us. Specifically, our ability to deliver world-class customer experience through these three needs.

To kick off our December event, Tanya and I will discuss:

+ The importance of prioritizing customer needs over metrics

+ How to strategize digital and technology offerings to fit the needs of your customers

+ How to keep essential workers like Field Service technicians and technical teams prepped for mission-critical customer support

+ Why the value of the human connection becomes even more important in times of need

12:30 PM Fireside Chat: How Knowledge Empowered Agents Deliver Accurate and Unforgettable Customer Support: Leveraging AI to Access Real-Time Knowledge & Expertise

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Agents are relentless problem solvers interacting with your customers to ensure an unforgettable experience. But what about the agents experience?. As problem solvers your agents need access to real-time knowledge, guidance, and support to be successful in their roles and to have a positive employee experience. But organizations struggle to empower their agents, even before the pandemic, to provide ease-of-access to the knowledge and expertise they need at the critical time it's needed. Agents face frustration and they are exposed to disconnected experiences when they can’t quickly get the right answers because they have too many sources that aren't connected and waste time trying to find the right answer or expert to easily address the issue.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) steps in. AI can streamline interfaces, improve knowledge quality and accessibility, and seamlessly link in-need agents to internal expertise. Additionally, AI can also bring organizational value to help people across the board. In this fireside chat Stefan will discuss four key steps that will give agents the knowledge, resources, and focus to deliver accurate, personal, and ultimately unforgettable support for customers.

1. Unify and simplify access to company knowledge and expertise in real-time to reduce agent effort

2. Leverage AI to identify improvement opportunities

3. Leverage AI to cultivate expertise and augment agent performance

4. Importance of creating a culture of proactive expertise

3:00 PM Fireside Chat: A Primer in Future Proofing the Contact Center, from Operations to Compliance

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Like many industries in 2020 facing the uncertainties of COVID, the cryptocurrency industry saw a tumultuous year. However, today, Paul will share how to be a resilient, proactive, and “future-proof” contact center:

+ How to stay proactive to regulatory and compliance changes in a heavily regulated industry

+ How empathy effects customer/employee demands and the way their demands evolve

+ How to ensure employees always have the skills, tools, and support systems needed to thrive in delivering customer-centric experiences

Day 3: Thursday, December 3rd

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

12:30 PM How Autonomous Contact Centers are Driving the Future of CX in 2021

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2020 changed customer service as we know it. We saw contact centers around the globe come to a halt as lockdowns forced agents to WFH for the first time. Call centers weren't prepared for this transition with higher than normal call volumes and nor were customers with longer hold times and compromised customer service. 2020 exposed the shortcomings of call center operations and made the need for collaboration between human agents and AI that much more evident. 2021 is a time for new beginnings - join us for an intimate conversation with Gadi Shamia, CEO & Co-Founder of and Former COO of Talkdesk, to hear how customers are transforming their call center operations with an Autonomous Contact Center.

Gadi will share:

  • Best practices for implementing an autonomous contact center
  • How one customer reduced costs by 50% in less than 6 weeks following Covid-19
  • What an autonomous contact center means for the future of agents

Day 4: Friday, December 4th

Friday, December 4th, 2020

12:00 PM Opening Remarks & CCWomen Panel: Tales of the CX Industry, Women in the Workforce, and the Best of 2020

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To say that 2020 was tumultuous is an understatement. Our day-to-day’s were largely unpredictable. Being in quarantine was difficult for our mental and physical well-being. We saw organizations crumbling. We experienced obstacles and losses that were unfathomable. We witnessed our communities and country in turmoil. And many difficult conversations and choices were made.

2020 is coming to an end and we are no longer running on adrenaline and sprinting from one fire to the next.

We are taking a moment to pause (and breathe!) and reflect on how this year has challenged us, changed us, and more importantly, shaped us into more resilient and stronger women in every aspect.

In this panel join us as we discuss:

+ Personal experiences as a woman in business, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a spouse

+ Business and CX perspective

+ Tough Conversations

+ Best of 2020