Brian LaRoche

Director of Outreach Marketing CallMiner

Brian LaRoche is Director of Outreach Marketing for CallMiner. Mr. LaRoche has a long-standing comprehension of Call Center operations as in the course of his career he not only designed and marketed the full gamut of call center technologies, he actually ran a multisite sale, customer service and lead development Call Center operation. Recently named to the CCW Advisory Board, LaRoche is responsible for outbound marketing activity at CallMiner including ABM and Event Management. He is also the host and moderator of CallMiner’s popular Monthly Education Webinar series and is a frequent blogger, podcaster, guest speaker and author on a number of speech analytics, technical, collections, sales, customer service and leadership topics.

Day 4: Friday, December 4th

Friday, December 4th, 2020

1:00 PM The Practical Role AI Will Play Improving Human Interactions in the Contact Center

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AI is shaping the future of the Contact Center. Join CallMiner’s Rick Britt, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Kirsten Stallings, Data Scientist as they overview how Interaction Analytics Research is pushing the boundaries to improve the quality of human to human interactions. Explore how leveraging the power of machine learning moves the contact center beyond scripted conversations to advanced AI solutions like anomaly detection, recommendation systems, and predictive models.