Stefan Gass

CMO and Head of Growth Starmind

Stefan is CMO and Head of Growth at Starmind. Understanding the journey a customer takes, digitally and physically, drives Stefan's curiosity and leadership. Business transformation through cloud and digital was on his radar early on when he was part of the leadership team in Seattle that launched Microsoft's first cloud product. BCG formed his strategic thinking, Oracle his commercial drive, and two hypergrowth companies his digital leadership. Today he leads international teams at breakthrough technology companies guiding their Go To Market strategy.

Day 1: Tuesday, December 1st

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

12:30 PM Fireside Chat: How Knowledge Empowered Agents Deliver Accurate and Unforgettable Customer Support: Leveraging AI to Access Real-Time Knowledge & Expertise

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Agents are relentless problem solvers interacting with your customers to ensure an unforgettable experience. But what about the agents experience?. As problem solvers your agents need access to real-time knowledge, guidance, and support to be successful in their roles and to have a positive employee experience. But organizations struggle to empower their agents, even before the pandemic, to provide ease-of-access to the knowledge and expertise they need at the critical time it's needed. Agents face frustration and they are exposed to disconnected experiences when they can’t quickly get the right answers because they have too many sources that aren't connected and waste time trying to find the right answer or expert to easily address the issue.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) steps in. AI can streamline interfaces, improve knowledge quality and accessibility, and seamlessly link in-need agents to internal expertise. Additionally, AI can also bring organizational value to help people across the board. In this fireside chat Stefan will discuss four key steps that will give agents the knowledge, resources, and focus to deliver accurate, personal, and ultimately unforgettable support for customers.

1. Unify and simplify access to company knowledge and expertise in real-time to reduce agent effort

2. Leverage AI to identify improvement opportunities

3. Leverage AI to cultivate expertise and augment agent performance

4. Importance of creating a culture of proactive expertise