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The events of 2020 asked us to re-establish our vision and priorities for the contact center. We could no longer dismiss business continuity plans, digital channels, cloud-based contact centers, automation, and distributed work environments as nice-to-haves or long-term aspirations. They became urgent necessities.

Thanks to this transformation, we have unprecedented clarity into the role of contact center technology, both new and old. We know which technologies and capabilities are most urgent - and what the process of implementing (or not implementing) those solutions will mean for our customers, agents, and businesses.

Indeed, we are in a new state of contact center technology - and this online event will explore everything you need to know about the landscape. You won't simply know which solutions can elevate your organization - you'll know how to retrain your people and restructure your operations to make the most of those innovative solutions.

2021 January Market Study: State of Contact Center Technology

In theory, technology should be helping companies anticipate customer needs, empower agents, and deliver exceptional CX journeys. In practice, it rarely lives up to this potential. Many technology investments actually increase friction and inefficiency. 

Special Report: Managing the Hybrid Contact Center Workforce

Organizations and leadership teams are continuing to build out their strategies for an eventual return to on-premises work. Of course, it is essential that customer service agents are well-equipped and set up for success regardless of their physical location. 

Special Report: Future of Remote Work, Productive Agents, & Knowledge Management

In 2020, customer experience-focused companies looked to reduce operational costs across the board, while maintaining, and eventually increasing productivity. This necessitated the advancement of employee productivity research.

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