Dave Hoekstra

WFM and Product Evangelist Calabrio

Day 1: Tuesday, April 6th

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

1:30 PM Executive Roundtable: How to Overcome the 5 Biggest Customer & Agent Experience Challenges

What started as responses to the pandemic will ultimately define the future of customer contact. Even as COVID-19 concerns subside, the majority of contact centers will leverage remote work. The majority of customers will aim to connect in digital channels.

Do not, however, mistake the persistence of these initiatives as proof of perfection. Many companies did face challenges engaging their at-home agents. Many customers did endure friction interacting in chat and messaging. These challenges will only grow as operational standards rise and customer expectations soar.

How can we overcome these challenges? How can we ensure that we are empowering our agents wherever they work and wowing our customers wherever they connect? This executive roundtable will have the answers. Our expert speakers will dissect the five biggest experience challenges, before sharing how a cutting-edge approach to training, journey mapping, process design, and technology implementation can yield unprecedented success.