Sandy Ko

Senior Analyst, Customer Contact & Conference Director Customer Management Practice

Day 1: Tuesday, April 6th

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

12:00 PM Welcome Remarks + Analyst Chat: State of Contact Center Technology

Be part of the conversation as Customer Management analysts, Amanda Caparelli, Brooke Lynch, and Sandy Ko, unpack the key takeaways from CCW Digital's 2021 State of Contact Center Technology Market Study. This discussion will explore how companies responded to the events of 2020 and uncover the biggest contact center technology mistakes and challenges, providing insight into how companies plan to reprioritize their investments moving forward.

12:30 PM AI Isn’t the Future, It’s the Present and It’s a Game Changer for Contact Centers

Over the last year, contact centers have experienced never before seen call/contact volumes. Everything from order status inquiries that resulted from disrupted supply chains to public sector inquiries centered around the pandemic, a virtual tsunami of engagements stretched agents’ capabilities. The good news for contact center leaders is that AI-powered virtual agents, chatbots and self-help capabilities have advanced as a tested and mature technology that can now be deployed to help agents effectively manage the load, help customers quickly resolve issues themselves and most importantly help contact centers continue to deliver exceptional experiences to customers. Join NICE inContact’s Brian Mistretta as he explores how contact centers can put AI to work and why now is a better time than ever to leverage AI capabilities to advance contact center operations.

1:00 PM Savvy Technology Transformations to Effectively Train Agents

Most companies recognize ample opportunities for improving automation. But when it comes to improving automation opportunities for agent experience, companies admit that their efforts are at a paltry 9%. Which is not ideal. Our agents are the frontline, they are the ones who face your customers. Happy or irate customers - they are the frontline.

While companies had no choice but to make tech-driven strides in 2020, most are still facing many shortcomings.

And it’s no secret that all of these challenges trickle down to the agent directly. Whatever technology is being implemented and used, (AI, ML, cloud, RPA, bots, etc) it is crucial that agents are armed with what they need, the correct information, and in a timely manner to empower agents with knowledge and autonomy to really optimize workflow and elevate their performance.

In this Fireside Chat, join Shonda as she shares her knowledge around:

- How to remove the stresses and inefficiencies of the frontline

- The lasting effects of automation acceleration or the lack of acceleration for your agents

- Types of technologies that will scale with your agents whether WFH or in the contact center

- How to prepare for the new future of work, the hybrid workforce

Day 2: Wednesday, April 7th

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

1:30 PM Stay Ahead of the Game: How to Delight Customers Through Automation

Customers find delight when businesses actively initiate ways to anticipate their needs and resolve their issues. Overtime, being proactive will strengthen customer relationships with the brand and help the brand stay ahead of the game among competitors. Join us to hear more about how automation is playing a big role to delight Freshly customers through automation during these harrowing times.

Day 3: Thursday, April 8th

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

1:30 PM Humanized Customer Feedback Solutions: A Must-Have for Contact Center Success

There is a huge emphasis that data is king. The November CCW Digital Market Study found that collecting and/or actioning customer feedback and insights is important for 78% of contact center leaders as they look toward 2025. However, surveys don’t capture the exact sentiments of customers and data isn’t king when there are no actions taking place. Customer feedback, the data, is there for organizations to not only provide solutions to problems but also acts as a sounding board to confirm the positive things that your organization is doing well.

One may argue that surveys get the job done - sure. But Stella Connect has found a way to humanize a very robotic, mundane, process.

Join Justin in this Fireside Chat as he shares:

- The benefits of having humanized feedback solution in place vs the downsides of having no insight

- How to utilize humanized customer feedback for better agent onboarding, training, and experience in real-time

- The positive effects on ROI over time

2:00 PM CCWomen Meet-Up: Overcoming "Cute, Small and Invisible" Stereotypes in the Workplace

Our society assumes that women are soft, emotional, and sensitive. However, the assumptions about women in the workplace are even more ruthless and endless. In this Meet-Up, Sandy and her guests discuss:

- Stereotypes women face in the workplace, specifically around Asian American Pacific Islander (APPI) women, and the negative lasting effects resulting from stereotypes

- How to navigate through difficult waters

- How our community can provide support for one another