Shonda Bowman-Pero

Operations, Senior Trainer Nissan Motor Corporation

Why Shonda?

Shonda's enterprise-wide training and quality scope provides a unique perspective for a primarily contact center audience.  Since every L&D reporting structure in the contact center is unique to that respective organization, Shonda brings broader training expertise to CCW attendees with her oversight of L&D in and out of the contact center.

Day 1: Tuesday, April 6th

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

1:00 PM Savvy Technology Transformations to Effectively Train Agents

Most companies recognize ample opportunities for improving automation. But when it comes to improving automation opportunities for agent experience, companies admit that their efforts are at a paltry 9%. Which is not ideal. Our agents are the frontline, they are the ones who face your customers. Happy or irate customers - they are the frontline.

While companies had no choice but to make tech-driven strides in 2020, most are still facing many shortcomings.

And it’s no secret that all of these challenges trickle down to the agent directly. Whatever technology is being implemented and used, (AI, ML, cloud, RPA, bots, etc) it is crucial that agents are armed with what they need, the correct information, and in a timely manner to empower agents with knowledge and autonomy to really optimize workflow and elevate their performance.

In this Fireside Chat, join Shonda as she shares her knowledge around:

- How to remove the stresses and inefficiencies of the frontline

- The lasting effects of automation acceleration or the lack of acceleration for your agents

- Types of technologies that will scale with your agents whether WFH or in the contact center

- How to prepare for the new future of work, the hybrid workforce