Upcoming VTTs in the CCW series: Sponsored by RingCentral


November 3rd & 12th 2020

Creating New Sustainable Ways of Working For Customer Contact Teams Through A Resilient Internal Communication Strategy

Sponsored by RingCentral

Back in the spring as the world went into a global lockdown, there was a mass exodus of employees moving from the comfort of their offices and contact centres to work from home. Seven months on we are taking the opportunity to reflect on how organisations are modifying the ways in which they communicate to suit the new ways of working, and the lessons learned along the way to make this shift to remote working beneficial to the enterprise and to its agents as well as its customers. Remote working offers employees the freedom to create a much better work/life balance, however with great freedom comes great responsibility and the onus is on your employees to manage that freedom responsibly but what can your business be doing to support and encourage your employees through this? In this 60 minute Virtual Think Tank, join together with leaders from across a range of different sectors to discuss what they’ve learned during this period, and how they are ensuring this new way of working is sustainable and productive, to ensure we don’t go back to the outdated 9 – 5 regimented office environment.

  • Examining how contact centres are adapting their internal culture to get the most from remote working
  • Investigating what constitutes a resilient strategy for internal communication
  • Exploring how business can equip their customer contact teams to productively handle their new-found autonomy
  • Assessing how businesses can take the opportunity to continually push modes of working forwards

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