Become a Media Partner

Broaden your Reach

A media partnership is the ideal platform to further the reach of your publication, blog or association. The partnership gives you access to our delegates through a range of pre-event and on-site branding opportunities, as well as giving you a targeted platform to drive your membership or subscriber acquisition campaigns.


One of the key benefits of a media partnership is brand association with a high quality conference provider and an exceptional opportunity to expose your organisation to our core target market via innovative marketing campaigns.

All our contra agreements are conducted on a case-by-case basis. By agreeing to work with us, we can combine efforts to reach as an wide audience as possible. Here is an example of the types of activities we can engage in:

  • Content sharing
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Brand exposure - both onsite and during the marketing campaign
  • Discounts for your members or subscribers
  • Agenda involvement (e.g. speaking or chairing a session)
  • Delegate bag inserts
  • Any other joint marketing initiatives

For more information on how we can work together, contact the marketing manager, Gabbie Dixon at