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Design Thinking Playbook

Design Thinking Playbook

We've partnered with The Design Thinking Playbook to bring you the best content from around the globe. We're delighted to host a selection of 34 pages from the playbook, authored by Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link, and Larry Leifer; containing contributions from experts of actual practice as well as from the academic world. This Playbook and the communication in the Design Thinking Playbook (DTP) community today act as a stimulus for an open exchange of ideas and materially contribute to enshrining design thinking and new mindsets in companies.

Design thinking is currently experiencing a surge of interest since it is a pivotal tool for initiating digital transformation. We have seen how banks use it to shape the “era of de-banking” and how start-ups have created new markets with business ecosystem design.

Have fun reading! To purchase the full playbook, visit https://amzn.to/2YOWAn9

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