Increasing Humanity with Chatbots

Increasing Humanity with Chatbots

It’s often said that chatbots are most useful for handling rote, repetitive tasks like account inquiries and billing status updates, thereby freeing human agents to tackle more high-value work that requires empathy and communication skills.


However, as the technology grows increasingly sophisticated, there are a growing number of use cases where chatbots can be used to provide a whole new level of customer experience and employee experience. From chatbot-administered surveys that vastly improve the UX design and response rates to consultative bots that give customers diagnostic advice using AI-powered insights, chatbots are capable of so much more thanwe realize.


In this Special Report, you’ll discover:


  • 5 types of big-picture business goals you can achieve using chatbots
  • Real-world examples where top brands have used chatbots to improve CX
  • What “successfully” using a chatbot looks like.

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