Customer Contact Week Disrupt 2021 Blog

We’ve Travelled So Far … Travel Just a little further to CCW in Sydney

By: Mary Anne Ghobrial

With the Australian government opening up borders across all states and a travel bubble with our New Zealand neighbours in the works, 2021 may finally allow us to see that sense of normality we’ve been craving over the last 12 months.

5 Reasons to Attend CCW Disrupt

By: Mary Anne Ghobrial

Customer Contact Week (CCW) Disrupt is back in a different location this year – Darling Harbour, Sydney!


By: Mary Anne Ghobrial

We're excited to welcome TSA Group as an event partner for CCW Disrupt 2021!

Genesys: The Secrets to Customer Experience Success in 2020 and Beyond

By: Nancy Kirwan

Welcome to the new year and the new decade. This is a milestone to make sure your experience is on track and resolve to fix the areas where it might not be up to snuff. In fact, Gartner found that while only 36% of companies competed on customer experience in 2010, that number went up to two-thirds by 2018. And it’s only increasing as we enter the 2020s.

Genesys: Good Customer Experience Starts With Your Employees

By: Mari Yamaguchi

Business leaders understand that having happy and loyal advocates is the result of a thriving customer experience practice. Looking from the outside-in, how do you cultivate an employee experience that creates happy, productive and loyal team members? That’s the $11 billion question.

Here are three elements that, when executed properly, have a positive impact on the experiences your customers have with your brand.

Knoysy: 4 Contact Centre Pain Points to Alleviate Today

By: Elise Kuchel

Call centre and frontline operations staff are passionate people. They’re passionate about helping others, which makes them want to perform their roles to the best of their ability. You have skilled, resilient and emphatic teams working to give your business the best chance at success.

But are your staff working within parameters that give them the best possible chance, to make a positive impact with your customers?

Benefits of CPaaS: Take the Complication Out of Communication

By: Russ Green & Felix Heckmann

In a white paper with the SAP Digital Interconnect group, “The Critical Role of CPaaS in Reaching Customers on their Channels of Choice,” Ovum referred to communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) as a “quiet revolution” for customer experience professionals.

Revenues from CPaaS are projected to grow to $5.2 billion in 2023, and 67 percent of enterprises expect CPaaS to have an impact on their organization within the next three to five years. But what exactly is CPaaS? And what are the benefits of CPaaS for your business?

Weploy: Right-Sizing your Customer Service Team

By: Sara Kaplan

Customer service leaders must ensure they are able to operate with agility in today's uncertain market. The benefits include: 

Safeguarding Full-Time employees

Maintaining Customer expectations

Reduced Attrition and boosted Retention.

We spoke with an industry expert to find out how he makes sure he is able to "Right-Size" his team during surge periods and throughout seasonal peaks

Panviva: Teaming Up to Tackle Tribal Knowledge

By: Samantha Middlebrook – Digital Transformation Strategist.

Tribal knowledge is not a new concept, everybody knows that when 1 Million dollars is on the line, it’s best to phone a friend.

So, it's only natural that in the Contact Centre - a melting pot of high-pressure situations and the need for instantaneous answers - that the 'Ask a Colleague Culture' thrives.  There is heavy reliance on the “expert” to solve all those tricky problems. Sound familiar?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

4 Key Predictions about the Contact Center of 2025

By: Kindra Cooper

As we head into 2020, we surveyed leaders in the contact center, marketing, customer experience and IT this year to hear about their predictions for the contact center of 2025 for our Market Study on the Contact Center of 2025: A Road Map.

Here’s a sneak peek into the four most surprising findings

Business Strategy with Former Navy Seal, Apple, Under Armour, and Verizon VP, Carl Smit

By: Matt Wujciak

I sat down in a conference room the other day to interview Carl Smit and began firing off detailed questions, just so i could see how he would react or what stories he would tell. I’d conducted a great deal of research on him and knew his experiences and insights wouldn’t disappoint my curiosity. 

In one way or another, Smit managed to revert every question I asked on marketing strategies and retail experiences (whether it be brick-and-mortar or ecommerce) back to one word: omnichannel.

In the Spotlight with the Emerging CCO: Harnessing Customer Insights to Aid Innovation, Drive Retention and Encourage Business Growth

By: CCWAU Team

As consumers are enjoying more buying power now than ever, make no mistake - the importance of topics like creating personal experiences and reducing customer effort are no secret.

But it’s up to the emerging role of the CCO to strategically amplify components of CX, like interpreting customer insights to aid innovation, drive retention and encourage growth.

In preparation for CCW Australia, we wanted to take a look at a couple successful CCOs (courtesy of IQPC Australia) that highlight the emergence and importance of what it means to be Chief Customer Officer.

10 Skills All Great Contact Center Leaders Need

By: CCWAU Team

An organization can embrace a vision of customer centricity. It can hire talented customer service representatives.  It can invest in a plethora of innovative tools and technologies.

These positive qualities are for naught, however, if the organization does not have great leadership.

We've identified the 10 skills all great contact center leaders need. Highlighted are the qualities that help distinguish true contact center leaders from mere managers.