Why Sponsor CCW Disrupt?

Customer requirements and selection critria have undergone radical change in 2020 – everything you thought you knew about customer will have changed. 2021 will be a race between proactive vendors who consciously revisit every customer as an advisor to innovation and complacent vendors who will rest on the laurels of their brand legacy hoping to get by. Where will you stand – at the forefront of innovation ready to seize greenfield opportunities from your vendors or stuck in your pre-COVID ways?

Review Your Post Pandemic Strategy

CCW Disrupt is the sister brand of CCW Australia & NZ, guiding key decision makers in how to review their post pandemic customer strategy!

Access Your Market's Top Decision Makers

With limited vendor passes, be THE solution provider of 2021 showcasing your expertise to key leaders in Customer Contact. Network with Heads/Directors/Managers of Contact Centre, Service Delivery and more.

Demonstrate your Expertise and Product Excellence

Solution-oriented opportunities to engage with  decision makers who specifically want to learn how your solutions can help solve their organisational goals, including in-person and virtual brainweaves and more.

Branding and Product Positioning

We will be limiting end user passes to 2 people per organisation! This means you will gain maximum exposure and branding across more organisations than ever before. Position your brand as an industry leading solution now!

To learn more about our delegates and audience breakdown, contact +612 9229 1050 or email sponsorbranding@iqpc.com.au