The Customer Management Practice (CMP) Way

Our events provide a place for you to learn, network and have some fun along the way, but it can’t happen unless everyone feels safe and respected. The “CMP Way” is here to provide guidelines and standards we hold you and ourselves to. 

CCW Executive Exchange Code of Conduct - Be Respectful

More important than anything else, we ask everyone to be respectful to one another. It starts there right? Don’t insult, harass or make uncomfortable jokes in-person, on social media, or any other platform for that matter. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to being disrespectful. Also, let’s look out for one another! 

If you’re asked by a member of the event staff or another attendee to stop your behavior, we expect you to do so respectfully. In the event the behavior continues, we’ll ask you to leave the event property. 

CCW Executive Exchange Code of Conduct - Be Collaborative

We strive to make our events the best place for industry professionals to meet with their peers and share ideas. Be open to the experiences of those around you and share your own experiences to create a welcoming environment that can benefit you in the best way possible when you head back to the office.

CCW Executive Exchange Code of Conduct - Involve Us

Don’t hesitate to speak up and involve the event team immediately when you experience or witness unacceptable behavior. We take these concerns seriously and will use our discretion in resolving the situation. Depending on the situation, we may decline taking further action ourselves and either direct the attendee to other resources or involve additional parties such as security, local law enforcement. 

If a member of our staff is acting inappropriately, leave it to us and we’ll take the action we feel necessary to keep the event and attendees from being undisturbed. 

CCW Executive Exchange Code of Conduct - Photography

We love to capture the action! If our team is taking photos and/or video footage, smile for the camera J! Photos and video footage taken at events are used to share across our social channels and to promote the events.