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View Full Event Agenda | CCW Virtual Exchange August 2020

August 17-19, 2020 |  This invitation-only virtual event is built for today's CX & Customer Contact leaders as they aim to benchmark, connect, and identify solutions to critical business challenges in the most efficient and effective way possible. Check out the early event infor ...

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2020 Exchange Series Solution Providers Guide

CCW Executive Exchange | August 17-19, 2020 | St. Louis, MOLearn more about the entire 2020 Exchange Series by taking a look at the 2020 Exchange Solution Provider Guide!Prior to the Exchanges, executives spend 30-45 minutes with one of our analysts to determine if their seniority and buying persona meets...

2020 Contact Center Predictions

Featuring insights from rockstar executives, best-selling authors, innovative technology creators and seasoned analysts, this exclusive guide reveals what to expect -- and what contact center executives need to prioritize in the year ahead.

Special Report: Customer Experience as a Service

Customer-centric businesses know that quality consumer experience extends beyond contact center platforms, from contact center as a service (or CCaaS) to CXaaS (customer experience as a service). CXaaS also includes other enterprise systems (from closely related tools like social monitoring, to broader company systems and designs like application interaction, in-store...

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CCW Executive Exchange Current Attendee Snapshot

Interested in attending CCW Executive Exchange this August 18-20 in Chicago? Take a look at who is already attending! 

CCW Executive Exchange Attendee Profile

Interested in attending CCW Executive Exchange this August 18-20 at Eden Roc Miami Beach, FL? The CCW Executive Exchange is the only event of its kind that exclusively brings together the C-Suites and Heads of CX. On an invitation-only basis, our guests enjoy a closed-door benchmarking environment that allows them...

CCW Executive Exchange March Post Show Report

Wondering what happened at CCW Executive Exchange this past March in Miami? Take a look at the Post Show Report and join us this August 16-18 in St, Louis! 

CCW Digital Reports

CCW Digital Special Report - Workforce Management

Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy.  They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience.If an organization wants to cultivate loyal customers instead of creating angry ones, it, therefore, needs...

CCW Digital Special Report - Omnichannel

CCW Digital confirms that only a small percentage of businesses are capable of delivering seamless, omnichannel experiences for their customers. It is not that they don’t want to; businesses almost universally recognize the importance of omnichannel. It is that they are not adopting the necessary approach – and/or not taking...

CCW Digital Special Report - Outsourcing

Should outsourcing have a role in the era of customer centricity?Given the perception that outsourcing involves sacrificing quality to save money, many would answer a resounding “no.” The customer experience is one business function in which corners cannot be cut.Others would vehemently dispute that premise. They would argue that outsourcing,...

Special Report: 2018 Predictions

Over the past few years, the customer contact community has been bombarded with talk about artificial intelligence, frictionless experiences, agent engagement, data analytics and omnichannel engagement.As 2018 unfolds, will any of those topics fade away? Will any become more prominent and important?And what new trends, ideas and “best practices” will...

CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Journey Mapping

In today's era of the customer centricity, you cannot afford to make guesses or assumptions about customer demands. You cannot impose broad, impersonal, business-minded experiences on those customers. You cannot allow silos to create frustrating "pain points" for your customersThis special report on Customer Journeys will help you avoid those pitfalls.Not...

CCW Digital Special Report - Brand Reputation

Not simply empowered to expect great experiences, today’s customers also have legitimate avenues for sharing details about the experiences they receive. They have the power to markedly impact a brand’s reputation. How the digital revolution is impacting reputation managementHow can you ensure that impact is positive? How can you ensure...

CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Intent

Competent organizations aim to accommodate basic customer needs. Elite, customer-centric organizations go one step further.  They are not merely offering support; they are empowering customers to derive the most possible value from every interaction, at every touch point.There's a simple key to delivering this superior experience: understanding customer intent.Customer intent...

CCW Digital Special Report - Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

Your agents may be smart. They may have a thorough grasp of your products, scripts, and policies.But are they “intelligent”? Do they have the insight and capability needed to provide customers with frictionless, personalized experiences when and where they are demanding them?This report explores that more important form of contact center...

CCW Digital Special Report - Self-Service

We all have IVR horror stories. We have all struggled to find what we wanted on FAQ pages.Indeed, self-service has historically been a source of frustration within the customer experience journey. And yet, it represents one of the biggest trends and investment priorities for today’s contact centers. It, in the...

Special Report: Elevating Call Center Authentication

When customers call for support, can you provide the right experience?There are two facets to that question. One involves whether you can deliver a fast, hassle-free, personalized interaction. The other concerns your ability to properly identify the customer – and secure the conversation.CCW Digital’s new special report on Elevating Call...

CCW Digital Special Report - DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

Talk about the importance of creating a frictionless, omnichannel experience is impossible to ignore. Stellar, real-world examples of such an experience are very difficult to find.It is time to distance yourself from the pack and deliver the experience your customers want exactly when and where they want it. An important...

Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Chatbots  are frequently derided as glitchy  and inconveniencing to customers, but as the technology grows increasingly sophisticated, so does its value proposition. CX pundits  often regurgitate that the best function of a chatbot  is to handle  rote, repetitive customer  questions like FAQs and order  status requests so that human agents...

CCW Digital Special Report: 6 Ways the Agent Experience Impacts the Customer Experience

“Happy agents yield happy customers” is an accurate, important mantra for customer contact leaders. It is also a dramatically insufficient one.Check out this Special Report to learn more about how employee satisfaction brings customer satisfaction. 

Special Report: ETR: Building The Next-Generation Contact Center

Companies subject customers to ineffective digital channels, long wait times, and impersonal conversations not because they do not care about improving but because their contact center operations and technologies do not allow it. The recent Coronavirus outbreak, which is driving an emphasis on digital and work-from-home, is making the weaknesses...

Featured Content

Expert Insights | Holly Carroll, Vice President, Customer Service & Contact Center Ops

To say that we’re living and working through unusual times is an understatement as we adjust to a new reality. With the impacts of the pandemic, senior CX executives need the ability to quickly address unprecedented increase in overall call volume and augment support. So we sat down with Holly...

3 Reasons Executives Must Be Listening

Calling All Executives: Here is a question for you - What does your Contact Center look like in 2025? Does it include employee engagement and workforce transformations? What about Automation? If your blueprint doesn't have these key factors, falling behind the curve is going to be inevitable for your contact...

Top 5 Content Center Trends

These Top 5 Contact Center Trends aren't yesterday's news. They are tomorrow's curiosities and next year's questions that our analyst has uncovered now. Leveraging our CCW Digital community of 140,000+ CX professionals, our principal analyst, Brian Cantor crunched the numbers to show where contact center technology is going and what...

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

The conventional solution process actually creates problems for contact center executives.  It may generate excitement over particular innovations, but it may not confirm about fitness for specific applications. It may not provide an actionable, valid blueprint for actually making the most of the new technology. Ultimately, it may not inspire...

August Presentations

Presentation: Cathy Cox, Senior Vice President - Omni Channel Strategy Business Lead, SunTrust Bank

Cathy Cox, Senior Vice President - Omni Channel Strategy Business Lead, SunTrust Bank, spoke at CCW Executive Exchange last August. View her presentation for more information on self-service vs. assisted-service, when to implement self-service, and the evolution of contact centers. 

Presentation: Chad Hendren, VHT

Chad Hendren from VHT spoke at CCW Executive Exchange last August. View his presentation for more information on the long-term effects of CX management, Journey Tracking, the importance of consistent CX, and more.    

Presentation: Dale Zwizinski - SVP, North American Sales - SmartAction

Dale Zwizinski the SVP, North American Sales at SmartAction joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about AI-powered CX and find out if its a myth or a must for organizations. 

Presentation: Danielle Wanderer, CMO, Quiq

Danielle Wanderer, CMO at Quiq joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about today's digital-first lifestyle and everything you need to know about connected customers. 

Presentation: Jeff Marcoux, VP of Marketing, TTEC

Jeff Marcoux, VP of Marketing  at TTEC joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about today's digital transformation and retaining customers through a digitally personalized customer experience. 

Presentation: Lance Hood, Chief Marketing Officer, TrustID

Lance Hood, Chief Marketing Officer, TrustID joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about ending identity interrogation in the call center.

Presentation: Lisa P. Oswald, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Travelzoo

Lisa P. Oswald,  Senior Vice President of Customer Service at Travelzoo joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about making your customers happy with speed and efficiency, not just great customer service. 

Presentation: Lynn Costlow, Senior Vice President, Customer Care ADT

Lynn Costlow, the Senior Vice President, Customer Care at ADT  joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at her presentation to learn more about making speed of service the top priority at your organization. 

Presentation: Nate Rosenthal, Head of Global Customer Success and Support, Square

Nate Rosenthal, Head of Global Customer Success and Support, Square joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about AI and customer success.

Presentation: Rachelle Dever, Brand & Guest Experience Director InterContinental Hotels Group

Rachelle Dever, Brand & Guest Experience Director InterContinental Hotels Group joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at her presentation to learn more about guest retention and satisfaction. 

Presentation: Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer, TGIFridays

Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer at TGIFridays joined us at CCW Executive Exchange last August. Take a look at his presentation to learn more about a frictionless guest experience, in-store and off-premise, enabled by technology.

CCW Executive Exchange Miami Beach Past Presentations

The Way of Work – Creating an Omni Driven Customer Organization

Montresa McMillan, SVP & Head of Omni Strategy, TD Bank BENCHMARKING SESSION: The Way of Work—Creating an Omni Driven CX OrganizationIn order to drive innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness across your omni channel strategy, you must start at the beginning with the executive buy-in, a defined vision, and mobilizing your middle...

CX & EX: Aligning Business Objectives with Agent Performance

PROJECT ANALYSIS: CX + EX: Aligning Business Objectives with Agent PerformanceBrett Frazer, Head of Customer Service, SunBasket & Kevin Peterson, Head of People Operations, SunBasketTruly excellent customer service requires alignment of the employee experience to deliver exceptional results. However, organizations can get stuck in the trap of playing “Whack-a-Metric” with...

Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Improving Customer Experience with Artificial IntelligenceBernard Slowey, Head of Worldwide Digital Customer Support, MicrosoftWe all appreciate quick services that will help us save time. This use case from Microsoft will uncover how you can easily integrate AI into your customer service and support experience to help your customers and your...