Customer Management Practice

Back in 1999, manufactured “boy bands” were dominating the charts, the Yankees were in the midst of yet another dynasty, more than half the country was turning into “Must See TV” every Thursday Night, and of course Call Center Week was born!

Call Center Week was a harebrained idea created to provide 80+ call center managers with an annual event to discuss best practices in agent training, emerging call center technology, performance metrics, quality assurance, cost reduction and other critical customer service priorities.

Fast forward almost 20 years. While at first glance it may seem as if we are still looking at similar priorities, so much has changed in our industry….and as a result, so have we!

With the emergence of multi-channel and then followed by the omni channel boom, it was clear that this was no longer your father’s call center. As service operations adopted new, more representative terms to describe their function from contact center to engagement center, it was clear that the customer service operation was going through a transition. ...and this transition would serve as the centerpiece for customer loyalty, retention, and brand differentiation for years to come.

And it would only continue with the convergence of the customer experience function and contact center operation to form a holistic, end-to-end customer interaction. Flash forward to today and a community of 140,000+ customer contact members, it was time for there to be an opportunity for Executives to break away into organized, focused groups, to strategize on a senior level.

Welcome the CCW Executive Exchange. The Exchange is a premium, invitation-only event built for the most senior customer contact stakeholders in the industry today. Our programs are constructed by a team of analysts with additional help from our outstanding advisory board team to continue moving the conversations about customer contact into new realms and possibilities. These executive aren’t meeting to discuss yesterday – they are meeting to discuss now – tomorrow – and beyond.

Customer Management Practice is the analyst, advisor and industry network that help companies turn customers into raving fans.

We function across all industries and focus on three core sectors of Customer Management:

The mission of the Customer Management Practice is to create unparalleled growth opportunities tailored specifically for the customer management sector. We strive to deliver a seamless, yet exceptional customer interaction for our practitioners and solution providers alike through our multi-platform approach. The goal: exceed the growing expectations of today's experience-driven economy by generating unforgettable professional development experiences that simply can’t be ignored.