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CCW Digital Special Report - Workforce Management

CCW Digital Special Report - Workforce Management

Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy.  They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience.

If an organization wants to cultivate loyal customers instead of creating angry ones, it, therefore, needs to empower the workforce to perform.

Featuring CCW Digital research, expert analysis and perspectives from world-class executives, this report will help you foster that productive, customer-centric workforce. Topics include:

  • 7 trends affecting workforce management
  • The top 3 priorities for contact center performance
  • The top 3 challenges inhibiting contact center performance
  • 12 ways to elevate workforce management
  • How to improve contact center training
  • How culture impacts workforce management
CCW Digital Special Report - Omnichannel

CCW Digital Special Report - Omnichannel

CCW Digital confirms that only a small percentage of businesses are capable of delivering seamless, omnichannel experiences for their customers. 

It is not that they don’t want to; businesses almost universally recognize the importance of omnichannel. It is that they are not adopting the necessary approach – and/or not taking the necessary steps to create an omnichannel contact center.

This special report changes that. Instead of telling you something you already know (omnichannel is key), it focuses the specific strategic, operational and technological steps you must take to truly “go omnichannel.” Topics include:

  •  Debunking a key omnichannel myth
  • Research on what customers want and how businesses are struggling
  • 5 steps to building an omnichannel contact center
  • 5 crucial elements of an omnichannel strategy
  • Omnichannel assessment tool

CCW Digital Special Report - Outsourcing

CCW Digital Special Report - Outsourcing

Should outsourcing have a role in the era of customer centricity?

Given the perception that outsourcing involves sacrificing quality to save money, many would answer a resounding “no.” The customer experience is one business function in which corners cannot be cut.

Others would vehemently dispute that premise. They would argue that outsourcing, when leveraged correctly, can actually be the ticket to a better customer experience.

This report explores that more valuable vision of outsourcing. It reveals the extent to which outsourcing can – and should – fit into a customer-centric contact center. 
Topics include:

  • The mistake organizations make when building their outsourcing strategies
  • 6 trends transforming the customer contact function
  • 6 ways outsourcing can actually increase customer centricity
  • 5 ways to elevate partnerships with contact center vendors
  • Key questions to ask when considering outsourcing
Special Report: 2018 Predictions

Special Report: 2018 Predictions

Over the past few years, the customer contact community has been bombarded with talk about artificial intelligence, frictionless experiences, agent engagement, data analytics and omnichannel engagement.

As 2018 unfolds, will any of those topics fade away? Will any become more prominent and important?

And what new trends, ideas and “best practices” will emerge?

To answer these questions, CCW Digital collaborated with 11 of the foremost customer contact executives, analysts and innovators. We’re proud to share their insights, predictions and recommendations in our new Special Report: 2018 Customer Contact Predictions.

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CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Journey Mapping

CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Journey Mapping

In today's era of the customer centricity, you cannot afford to make guesses or assumptions about customer demands. You cannot impose broad, impersonal, business-minded experiences on those customers. You cannot allow silos to create frustrating "pain points" for your customers

This special report on Customer Journeys will help you avoid those pitfalls.

Not simply a call to think about customer journeys, this report explores how to leverage journey maps to orchestrate frictionless, personalization, engaging experiences across all channels. Topic Includes: 

  • 3 ways to increase customer centricity with journey maps
  • 6 ways to drive business results with your journey maps 
  • 5 challenges to journey mapping (and improving) customer journeys
  • 5 steps for meaningfully elevating the customer experience       
CCW Digital Special Report - Brand Reputation

CCW Digital Special Report - Brand Reputation

Not simply empowered to expect great experiences, today’s customers also have legitimate avenues for sharing details about the experiences they receive. They have the power to markedly impact a brand’s reputation. How the digital revolution is impacting reputation management

How can you ensure that impact is positive? How can you ensure customers view you as a brand customers trust, love and enthusiastically endorse? CCW Digital’s Special Report on Brand Reputation has the answers.

Topics include:

  • 6 steps to identifying brand reputation threats
  • 5 ways to fix the CX issues that damage brand credibility
  • The role of customer loyalty strategies
  • 5 tips for connecting with “at-risk” customers
  • How to increase brand advocacy
  • How to market your customer centricity
CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Intent

CCW Digital Special Report - Customer Intent

Competent organizations aim to accommodate basic customer needs. Elite, customer-centric organizations go one step further.  They are not merely offering support; they are empowering customers to derive the most possible value from every interaction, at every touch point.

There's a simple key to delivering this superior experience: understanding customer intent.

Customer intent looks beyond the superficial (what customers are requesting, where they are requesting it) and focuses on customers’ true goals for the interaction. It is a question of why, not what.

This special report reveals how to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty through intent-driven engagement. Topics include:

  • 5 questions that reveal customer intent
  • 7 ways to use intent to radically improve the customer experience
  • How to overcome key challenges
  • 7 best practices for getting started with intent-driven engagement
  • Examples of intent-driven engagement in travel, telecom, finance and retail
CCW Digital Special Report - Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

CCW Digital Special Report - Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

Your agents may be smart. They may have a thorough grasp of your products, scripts, and policies.

But are they “intelligent”? Do they have the insight and capability needed to provide customers with frictionless, personalized experiences when and where they are demanding them?

This report explores that more important form of contact center intelligence. It reveals how to cultivate a team of empowered, agile agents who can meaningfully connect with customers at all touch points. Thanks to that superior form of engagement, you will markedly grow customer loyalty and dramatically outperform your competitors.

Topics include:

  • 4 reasons why “intelligent agents” are the key to a successful contact center
  • Five threats to agent intelligence – and a successful customer experience
  • 4-step blueprint for cultivating intelligence within your contact center
  • Assessment quiz to determine whether your agents are intelligent
CCW Digital Special Report - Self-Service

CCW Digital Special Report - Self-Service

We all have IVR horror stories. We have all struggled to find what we wanted on FAQ pages.

Indeed, self-service has historically been a source of frustration within the customer experience journey. And yet, it represents one of the biggest trends and investment priorities for today’s contact centers. It, in the eyes of many thought leaders, represents an impactful way to elevate the customer experience.

What changed? More importantly, what must you change about your self-service strategy to ensure it wins over your customers?

This special report has the answers. Topics include:

  • Urgent self-service trends you need to know nowUrgent self-service trends you need to know now
  • The biggest self-service myths, misconceptions and mistakes
  • Six ways to meaningfully elevate your self-service offerings
  • How the demand for “personalization” is affecting self-service

Special Report: Elevating Call Center Authentication

Special Report: Elevating Call Center Authentication

When customers call for support, can you provide the right experience?

There are two facets to that question. One involves whether you can deliver a fast, hassle-free, personalized interaction. The other concerns your ability to properly identify the customer – and secure the conversation.

CCW Digital’s new special report on Elevating Call Center Authentication provides guidance for achieving both. It debunks myths and illuminates “worst practices” before ultimately revealing the best, most efficient, most customer-centric way to authenticate calls.  

CCW Digital Special Report -  DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

CCW Digital Special Report - DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

Talk about the importance of creating a frictionless, omnichannel experience is impossible to ignore. Stellar, real-world examples of such an experience are very difficult to find.
It is time to distance yourself from the pack and deliver the experience your customers want exactly when and where they want it. An important step in this journey involves adopting a disruptive approach to chat.
CCW Digital's new Disruptive Technology Review reveals how to achieve this more valuable, more customer-centric approach to chat. By following the research-driven recommendations, you won't simply be adding a new channel to your journey — you'll be meaningfully improving the customer and agent experiences.
Topics include:
  • Insights into what customers want from digital interactions — and how brands are failing
  • Signs of a great chat platform
  • Tips for using chat to boost personalization, agent satisfaction, omnichannel engagement, interaction quality and customer security
  • Specific technologies and metrics  that can maximize results
  • Strategies for ensuring your chat experience gets better over time

Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Chatbots  are frequently derided as glitchy  and inconveniencing to customers, but as the technology grows increasingly sophisticated, so does its value proposition. CX pundits  often regurgitate that the best function of a chatbot  is to handle  rote, repetitive customer  questions like FAQs and order  status requests so that human agents can handle  the complex scenarios  like technical  troubleshooting, but that grossly oversimplifies what chatbots can do.

In fact, there are a rising number  of use cases where  chatbots can process  queries  more effectively than a human ever could  given their ability to make split-second decisions  using data to provide a personalized customer  experience.

Chat used to be limited to a pop-up  window triggered when a visitor first lands on the company's homepage, but given the nature of asynchronous messaging through email, instant messaging and social media, where  communication between brands  and customers  happens on and off as and when the customer  needs it, companies are under  increasing pressure to scale chat capabilities in multiple channels. Arguably, the first wave of chatbots was designed to do just that- scaling chatcost-effectively, but without  consideration for UX design.

Today, chatbots  are deployed not only as a value-added user experience for the omnichannel customer, but also as tools to simplify the employee experience on the backend.

CCW Digital Special Report: 6 Ways the Agent Experience Impacts the Customer Experience

CCW Digital Special Report: 6 Ways the Agent Experience Impacts the Customer Experience

“Happy agents yield happy customers” is an accurate, important mantra for customer contact leaders. It is also a dramatically insufficient one.

Check out this Special Report to learn more about how employee satisfaction brings customer satisfaction. 

Special Report: ETR: Building The Next-Generation Contact Center

Special Report: ETR: Building The Next-Generation Contact Center

Companies subject customers to ineffective digital channels, long wait times, and impersonal conversations not because they do not care about improving but because their contact center operations and technologies do not allow it.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak, which is driving an emphasis on digital and work-from-home, is making the weaknesses even clearer. It is time to take action. It is time to ensure your contact center yields more seamless, omnichannel experiences for customers, and more efficient, empowering workdays for agents.

This Emerging Technology Review highlights the key strategic shifts you should make, as well as technology that will turn customer centricity into a reality.

Topics include: 

  • 5 reasons contact centers are failing customers and agents
  • How recent events are exacerbating the biggest contact center challenges
  • What it really takes to create an "omnichannel" experience
  • Which customer (and business) insights are critical to success 
  • Must-have capabilities for the digital contact center
  • Why your customers, agents, managers, IT leaders and C-level should care