Special Report: ETR: Building The Next-Generation Contact Center

Special Report: ETR: Building The Next-Generation Contact Center

Companies subject customers to ineffective digital channels, long wait times, and impersonal conversations not because they do not care about improving but because their contact center operations and technologies do not allow it.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak, which is driving an emphasis on digital and work-from-home, is making the weaknesses even clearer. It is time to take action. It is time to ensure your contact center yields more seamless, omnichannel experiences for customers, and more efficient, empowering workdays for agents.

This Emerging Technology Review highlights the key strategic shifts you should make, as well as technology that will turn customer centricity into a reality.

Topics include: 

  • 5 reasons contact centers are failing customers and agents
  • How recent events are exacerbating the biggest contact center challenges
  • What it really takes to create an "omnichannel" experience
  • Which customer (and business) insights are critical to success 
  • Must-have capabilities for the digital contact center
  • Why your customers, agents, managers, IT leaders and C-level should care

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