Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Chatbots  are frequently derided as glitchy  and inconveniencing to customers, but as the technology grows increasingly sophisticated, so does its value proposition. CX pundits  often regurgitate that the best function of a chatbot  is to handle  rote, repetitive customer  questions like FAQs and order  status requests so that human agents can handle  the complex scenarios  like technical  troubleshooting, but that grossly oversimplifies what chatbots can do.

In fact, there are a rising number  of use cases where  chatbots can process  queries  more effectively than a human ever could  given their ability to make split-second decisions  using data to provide a personalized customer  experience.

Chat used to be limited to a pop-up  window triggered when a visitor first lands on the company's homepage, but given the nature of asynchronous messaging through email, instant messaging and social media, where  communication between brands  and customers  happens on and off as and when the customer  needs it, companies are under  increasing pressure to scale chat capabilities in multiple channels. Arguably, the first wave of chatbots was designed to do just that- scaling chatcost-effectively, but without  consideration for UX design.

Today, chatbots  are deployed not only as a value-added user experience for the omnichannel customer, but also as tools to simplify the employee experience on the backend.

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