Booth Fellars

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Conference Day Two: Friday 28 February 2020

Friday, February 28th, 2020

2:00 PM Digital Transformation and Digital Services: On-Stage Interview with Mark Bayliss

Opti-channel engagement marries two of today's topics in customer engagement: journey mapping and big data. In an omni channel experience, customers are able to seamlessly engage with agents on their preferred channel. However, opti-channel takes this one step further, allowing you to determine the optimal channel for every customer at each touchpoint based upon their information, history, and your overall journey map.

This on-stage interview will have Chris Barnes, CCW Alumni and NAB’s Head of Consumer Service, discuss how the personalisation of opti-channel allows businesses to intervene at the optimal time in a customer's interaction. This in turn influences the customer's behaviour and existing patterns, and their relationship with the organisation.

  • Being able to predict a customer's pattern and preferred method of contact before they contact you
  • Utilising data and new journey mapping techniques to amalgamate the right information and process it correctly
  • Having that seamless integration of an omni-channel approach to reach opti-channel standards


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