Jason Smith

Director of CX Design and Change Delivery Foxtel


Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

10:40 AM Reinventing the User Experience Across all Touchpoints: Recognising the Value of UX to Map the E2E Customer Journey

This panel will deep-dive into how contact centre and user experience teams can work closely together to shape their digital customer journey, and where specific pain points still exist across customer touchpoints.

Learn the value of sophisticated journey mapping and the importance of having a clearly visible and realistic strategy for your contact centre operations.

  • Having visibility of all customer interactions across multiple touchpoints to fine tune your customer experiences
  • Observing the importance of customer analytics in the cloud – how will this help drive better experiences for frontline staff and customers?
  • Leveraging VOC and VOE to strategise future contact centre operations
  • Working with multiple customer teams to resolve queries through the use of advanced AI



Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

2:20 PM Leadership Pertaining to the Modern Employee: Mapping Generational Differences to Accommodate Different Learning Styles, Creating Lifetime Employees

In a remote working environment, being able to train and upskill your people needs to be done through a structured yet agile approach.

This session will look at the different scripts and methods contact centre leaders can employ to train and upskill their remote workforce. It

is here we will delve into the different personality and learning traits of agents. Each personality type will need a different approach to become the future omni agent who can do it all.

  • Having an agile leadership structure to upskill and train team members based on their individual learning style
  • Creating a retention strategy to ensure agents remain in the workforce past the 30-day mark
  • Implementing gamification, microlearning and real-time feedback to maintain learning engagement