Jennifer Shailer

Head of Customer Experience Red Cross Australia


Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

1:50 PM Take Ownership of Your People: Cultivating a Flexible Human-Centred Ecosystem for the Agent of Today and Tomorrow

How do you pave the way for your future workforce in the wake of shifting disruption?

In January 2020 this was the question Jennifer Shailer had to determine as they faced the Australian bushfires.

With ongoing disruption and popular opinion unsettled in the wake of mass panic, the contact centres at Australian Red Cross were required to work hard to support their people, at the same time as shifting to a remote workforce.

Hear Jennifer’s powerful story on the importance of maintaining customer loyalty – and why this always starts with supporting your people.

  • Driving mental health initiatives to support your people in and out of the office
  • Using agent and internal company feedback to shape your flexible working model
  • Understanding the nuances of remote learning and employee development for the remote workforce
  • Driving attrition through strong leadership and open communication