Lizzie Bott

Senior Service Designer, Product and Innovation Telstra

Workshop Day: Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

12:30 PM Gaining a 90% Employee Satisfaction Rate Through the Instigation of Mentorship Programs and an Agile Framework at Telstra

With contact centres notorious for their high turnover rates, agent engagement has become critical to ensuring training and investment strategies are put to good use. One way these organisations can work to engage their team members and bring interest to the overall centre is through mentorship programs and the overall employee experience. 

Finding new ways to mentor and train internal teams can also improve employee retention by up to 30%.

What Will This Workshop Cover:

This workshop will look at how managers today can upskill their agents and find new ways to motivate team members though instant feedback and ongoing training initiatives.

With the implementation of a fun and interactive structure, Lizzie Bott will guide all contact centre managers and team leader on the key strategies you can use to have agents more willing to invest their time and energy into internal training structures. This has the potential to increase productivity by 90%.

It is here Lizzie will look at new agile ways of working and how to accelerate careers through motivation and internal promotions.

This workshop is designed for all contact centre, service design and operation managers and team leaders who wish to reduce turnover and improve staff productivity.


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