Nigel Piper

Executive General Manager Customer Experience Xero

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

9:30 AM (Innovation Spotlight) : For Every Dollar Invested in Your People, That’s Up to 12x Financial Return: What Xero Do To Make This a Reality

Leading over 2,000 people in 4 regions, Xero has seen their continuity hub expand over the past year, with 2 million people a month seeking support and advice from their internal agents.

So the question remains: How do we continue to grow in this new economy? According to Nigel Piper, the answer resides in our people. Research conducted by Xero reveal there’s a bottom line boost for businesses who invest in the wellbeing of their staff, in turn improving productivity and overall company earnings.

Nigel will reveal the work he and his team do to support their CX and Customer Service Agents, no matter the times.

  • Spend to Grow: Improving your team’s mental wellbeing through company initiatives 
  • Create a culture that allows agents to workshops new strategies to retain customers
  • Redesigning your brand USP to focus on your people and customer to drive higher productivity