28 February - 01 March, 2019 | The STAR Gold Coast, Queensland, QLD

Charles Thomlinson

Strategic Executive

11:10 AM The Next Horizon: How to Take Your CX from Reactive to Proactive

Identified by Forrester as one of the top trends in customer service, providing a proactive customer experience, rather than just responding to problems as they arise, is key to differentiation and ongoing business success. How to get there though? In this session we talk about the benefits of proactive support, why it’s vital to becoming the business your customers want you to be, and how easy it can be to get started.

11:10 AM Engage 2020: The Future of Customer Care is Already Here

Digital innovations are revolutionising the customer experience, giving customers a multitude of self-care channels and options. We can now automate simple and repetitive functions, allowing our workforce to focus on more complex and challenging tasks. We’re now at the forefront of an evolution in customer care that will be marked by hybrid human/AI workforces. So, as we launch towards 2020, how do you make it all work together? This session explores the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology and how to best harness it today to create amazing employee and customer experiences. Key topics covered include:
• Technology powered employee lifecycle
• Unleashed workplace culture
• Empowered customer advocacy
• Gamified talent engine
• Social brand inspiration

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Rod.

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