Sharron Bottica

Chief Customer Officer AIA

Conference Day One: Thursday, 27 February 2020

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

10:10 AM CUSTOMER CHAMPIONS PANEL: What will the Role of Contact Centres be in your Overall CX Framework Over the Next 5 Years?

With everything from automation, machine learning and digital services coming to market, the role of the contact centre is facing significant change. 

According to our panel, they hold the belief that meeting customer demands boils down to a consistent and positive customer experience, regardless of any communication channel that is in use. Properly leveraging your CX programs and customer feedback is the first step to doing this.

The question, however, is whether businesses today are actively employing strategic CX when reassessing their contact centre operations. 

  • Understanding customer behaviour and trends in order to prepare for the customer of the future
  • Reviewing your future CX roadmap to evaluate the changing purposes of different customer touch points
  • Bold predictions: Looking at the future contact centre and key disruptors within the industry today 
  • Utilising machine learning and AI to predict customer trends and changing behaviours

4:05 PM EX=CX² - The Formula for Customer Experience Excellence

Salesforce, Google, Atlassian. It’s no accident that some of the World’s most successful companies with the highest revenues, are also voted amongst the top places to work at employee review sites.

It is a trend for many C-level business leaders today to spend time designing sophisticated Customer Experience programmes and innovations. But what about their Employee Experience initiatives?

Analysing traditional HR and retention metrics within HR departments is all well and good, but why aren't these metrics being matched back to the subsequent effects on Customer Experience metrics? Factors like high churn rates, poor engagement and employee burnout, have a direct impact on customers.

Ultimately, there is no formula for optimal customer satisfaction. But efforts to improve Customer Experience should be of equal importance for companies today as Employee Experience - because they are directly correlated. This discussion explains why Business leaders should be balancing both EX and CX for successful Customer Service in 2020


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