CCW Digital Special Report - DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

CCW Digital Special Report -  DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

Talk about the importance of creating a frictionless, omnichannel experience is impossible to ignore. Stellar, real-world examples of such an experience are very difficult to find.
It is time to distance yourself from the pack and deliver the experience your customers want exactly when and where they want it. An important step in this journey involves adopting a disruptive approach to chat.
CCW Digital's new Disruptive Technology Review reveals how to achieve this more valuable, more customer-centric approach to chat. By following the research-driven recommendations, you won't simply be adding a new channel to your journey — you'll be meaningfully improving the customer and agent experiences.
Topics include:
  • Insights into what customers want from digital interactions — and how brands are failing
  • Signs of a great chat platform
  • Tips for using chat to boost personalization, agent satisfaction, omnichannel engagement, interaction quality and customer security
  • Specific technologies and metrics  that can maximize results
  • Strategies for ensuring your chat experience gets better over time

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