Stephen Dargan

Head of Contact Centres Bankwest


Thursday, February 25th, 2021

11:10 AM Transformation Methods and Mindsets: Six Sigma, Lean Startup and how Bankwest Increased NPS by 50%

Stephen Dargan, Head of Bankwest’s Contact Centres, will present on a new way contact centres can improve their daily operations.

Through the application of Shingo principles and an operational excellence program within the contact centre itself, Bankwest has spent the past year witnessing improved productivity, customer metrics and overall operational performance.

Learn why contact centres now need to implement a different way of thinking operationally for true resilience.

  • Implementing Shingo principles to build a sustainable culture of continuous improvement
  • Deploying an improved contact centre culture to drive performance and engagement
  • Creating a more durable yet flexible operating environment to withstand any and all levels of disruption