Interactive Workshops: Monday, 14 September 2020


9:00 am - 11:30 am Training the Project Teams: How to Run an Effective Design Thinking Workshop for True Collaboration

Carl Gribble - Former Manager, Member Experience Design, RACQ

This workshop is designed for those new to design thinking methods, need a deeper understanding of the design process or who require a refresher on how to effectively facilitate workshops.

  • How to structure a design thinking workshop: going from post-it notes to innovative ideas through collaboration
  • Guiding the product owners to create and design processes through a design thinking lens
  • Encouraging cross-collaboration to develop effective design projects that will solve issues


Carl Gribble

Former Manager, Member Experience Design


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm Keeping the Magic Within: Moving from Vision to Design to Tangible Results Through the Art of Letting Go

Anet Redmer - Former Qantas Service Design Lead, Redmera Pty Ltd

One of the hardest tasks of a product owner and designer is letting go of their designs and simply trusting the process. This workshop will teach all attendees how to go from design to effective project delivery, learning when your product needs to be improved, or when it has reached its point of maturity. 

For heads of design, project managers and those in digital

  • Creating an effective prototype and determining when it has reached its point of maturity so you can move onto the next product
  • Eliminating siloes across departments for true collaboration and design experiences
  • Getting buy-in at enterprise level to improve projects and product delivery 


Anet Redmer

Former Qantas Service Design Lead
Redmera Pty Ltd


3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Scaling the Process: Measuring User-Centred Design Capability through Effective Project Delivery

Ben Crothers - Principal Facilitator, Atlassian

This workshop will look at the importance of measuring user centred design through effective cross collaboration and project delivery. It is here all attendees in UX, service design and product, will learn the importance of leading design teams to work in collaborative environments, and ways to improve project delivery

  • Shifting organisational thinking away from product and into holistic organisation delivery
  • Drive team engagement through workshop sessions and effective collaboration 
  • Improving your leadership capabilities to ensure teams are able to solve problems 


Ben Crothers

Principal Facilitator