Main Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 16 September 2020


Selena Griffith

Senior Lecturer Design Thinking, Centre for Social Impact
University of New South Wales

9:30 am - 10:00 am Becoming A Design Thinker Takes Time: The Tricks To Receiving Leadership Buy-In For Higher ROI

Paras Aggarwal - Senior Manager UX, Tabcorp Holdings

Since entering the organisation in 2018, Paras has slowly working to scale the design thinking movement by changing the internal culture of the design teams. 

Through speaking the business language and putting forth an effective business case, he will explain how designers can get their messaging across by working effectively with stakeholders and speaking in a language business leaders understand.

  • Developing a clear strategic vision for a new operating environment that will integrate design thinkers and experience designers in business delivery
  • Communicating to business leaders and relevant stakeholders in a language they will understand to receive buy-in
  • Taking small steps to prove the value of design thinking through ROI and insights



Paras Aggarwal

Senior Manager UX
Tabcorp Holdings

10:00 am - 10:30 am From Data to Discovery: Working in Agile Squads to Develop a Mental Health Support App through Research and Insight

Belinda Dimovski - Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross

Meet Belinda Dimovski. Raising over $145 million in revenue through multiple projects, Australia Red Cross have been on a journey to shape the way their team approaches product design and delivery. Working in agile squads, members of the team have spent the past year developing a mental health app that will support people with mental health. 

This app was designed by health professionals and people with lived experience of mental illness, partnering with Australian Red Cross to create an app that supports this audience.

Belinda Dimovski will deliver a case study presentation delving into the work her organisation is doing in this project, from data collection to implementation. 

  • Using the data sourced to identify product gaps for improved project delivery
  • Working with stakeholders and delivering more effective communication techniques for stronger project results
  • Understanding that design thinking is a way of working, and creating a culture where it comes naturally to all employees 




Belinda Dimovski

Director Engagement and Support
Australian Red Cross

10:30 am - 11:00 am SCREEN BREAK / MORNING TEA

11:00 am - 11:30 am Creating a Clear, Strategic Design Thinking Movement at Lotterywest to Improve Service Delivery

Ioannis Gerothanasis - General Manager Lotteries, LotteryWest

This session will talk about how the Lotteries’ section of Lotterywest is currently integrating various aspects of design thinking across its senior management and delivery dimensions. 

Ioannis Gerothanasis, the General Manager of Lotteries, will present a case study on Lotteries’ journey in introducing and embedding a problem solving mindset and skillset for their human capital supported by key changes in organizational design, operating model and culture.

  • Bringing together multi-functional teams to improve service delivery
  • Understanding how designing thinking has improved the company’s operating structure 
  • Implementing clear communication strategies to existing stakeholders, bridging the communication gap



Ioannis Gerothanasis

General Manager Lotteries

11:30 am - 12:00 pm The Pains of Being a Design Thinker in Your Organisation: How to Overcome Them by Harnessing The Collective Intelligence Of The Design Thinking Community

Carl Gribble - Former Manager, Member Experience Design, RACQ

Carl Gribble from RACQ will lead this interactive solutions clinic in a workshop style format, allowing all attendees to express new ideas and strategies that will engage the design thinking community and their respective teams.  

It is here attendees will summarise their learnings over the past two days and look at the key topics in groups:

  • What is your business doing to improve process efficiency and agile implementation through Design Thinking?
  • Which priorities are most important in the collaboration between Designers, Innovators and Business Leaders?

Solutions Clinics are designed to give participants strategies and tools to deal with their most pressing challenges. The room will split into tables, where each table member will share their biggest challenge, before collectively deciding which issue to investigate in more detail.



Carl Gribble

Former Manager, Member Experience Design

12:00 pm - 12:10 pm Closing Remarks & End of Online Summit