How to Make Human Connections Using Customer Intent

Build the kind of "human" connection your competitors cannot

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02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

Why are your customers truly interacting? How do they really feel about each phase of the customer journey? Given that customers are not always explicit about their intentions or sentiments, answering these questions is not easy.

It is, however, utterly essential in an era that demands brands compete on the customer experience. Loyal customers are not won merely by processing transactions or solving problems but by connecting with customers on a meaningful, human level.

This session will help you cultivate a team of agents who can quickly and correctly identify how customers feel beneath the surface. More importantly, they will be able to use that insight to build the kind of connections your competitors cannot. Topics include:

  • Constructing journey maps that reveal customer “intent”
  • Identifying customer sentiment before they complete feedback surveys
  • Unifying system, process and “human” training to build a team of true customer “advisors”
  • Exploring a health insurance firm’s state of the art contact center onboarding strategy

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