IQ Services Presents: 2014 Call Center Trends - Debunking Myths, Uncovering Opportunities

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Thursday, February 13, 2014
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST
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In a survey conducted by Call Center IQ, 68% of executives confirmed plans to increase their customer service budgets in 2014.  Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.

Operating in what has been dubbed the “age of the customer,” virtually all businesses profess a rhetorical commitment to the customer experience.  Many confirm plans to significantly boost their customer service investments.

Success, however, continues to elude organizations.  Few, for all their tireless, pricey efforts to improve the customer experience, are managing to better satisfy their customers.

In this roundtable webinar, we will look at how the course of customer service will change in 2014 – and how it needs to change.   A diverse panel of experts will cover topics like:

  • How will businesses direct their call center budgets in 2014?
  • Which metrics are important for customer-centric call centers?  Which are now obsolete?
  • How will businesses approach buzzworthy technologies and topics like multi-channel in 2014?  How should they?
  • Which five “best practices” actually drive greater customer satisfaction?  Which are all bark and no bite?


Mike Burke
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
IQ Services

Mike has banked more than 40 years in telecommunications, contact centers and networking while working at Honeywell, GTE, Verizon & IQ Services. Since joining IQ Services, Mike’s participated in hundreds of engagements to monitor, measure, and manage customer service experience for clients worldwide, representing all verticals. Prior to IQ Services, Mike was involved in a 90s Internet startup, wrote code for Centrex, designed and built networks for the DoD and helped introduce DSL services for the RBOCs.


Jim Freeze
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Jim plays a crucial role in executing on Aspect's corporate vision and strategy with oversight for the company's messaging platform and brand elevation.

In addition, he directs the development and delivery of product and solution marketing strategies to foster revolutionary customer-company relationships.

Prior to joining Aspect Jim served as CMO and vice president of corporate development for Crossbeam Systems. Before Crossbeam, Jim was the senior vice president of marketing and alliances at BelAir Networks after serving as chief marketing officer at 3Com and Centra software.

Earlier in his career Jim held senior-level marketing and sales positions at other leading technology companies, worked as senior telecom analyst at Forrester Research and was a practicing attorney.

Kelli Barabasz
Director of Call Center Operations
National Notary

Kelli Barabasz has more than 18 years of call center management involving both business-to-business and business-to-customer operations, and is responsible for the oversight of all Call Center Operations. Her experience includes both inbound and outbound operations, and she has managed multi-site operations both on and off shore. She has worked as a Director of Workforce management where she successfully, scheduled monitored and forecasted call volumes and staffing for 3,500 seats and 40 different clients. She is adept at building and managing peak-performance teams. Most recently Barabasz has held positions with SXC Health Solutions and QVC. She is CCC Certified (Call Center Consulting) and a member of various call center organizations including ICMI and the Worldwide Contact Center Professionals organization.

Mike Wittenstein
Customer Experience Design Specialist


For two decades, Mike Wittenstein has helped business leaders around the world differentiate their brands by dramatically improving their customer experience. In the process, those clients have gained market dominance, increased their sales, and/or discovered new, unexpected revenue streams.
Today Mike is a sought-after consultant, facilitator, experience makeover expert, and speaker. He works in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment industries, as well as other service categories.
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