3 Steps To Empowering Predictive & Proactive Customer Engagement

Empower your agents to create unforgettable experiences

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02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

The days of reactive, impersonal engagement are over. Today’s customers expect you to anticipate their needs, understand their intentions, and deliver personalized experiences in their preferred channels. They also appreciate the opportunity to solve problems on their own.

Citing exclusive research, expert insights, and in-depth use cases, this webinar will reveal how to deliver this more predictive, proactive customer experience. It will also explore the three key factors - insights, content and engagement - that empower customer contact centers. Topics include:

  • Using journey maps and voice of the customer data to identify and eliminate pain points
  • Improving self-service capabilities through improved content and artificial intelligence
  • Eliminating factors that compromise agent productivity and satisfaction
  • Empowering agents to anticipate customer issues
  • Leveraging proactive communication at key moments of truth

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