Improving Sales Effectiveness & The Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience while interacting with your agents

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Advancements in the areas of customer intelligence-gathering and customer-facing technology solutions is allowing companies to capture insights into agent performance and customer experiences. With phone conversations continuing to be the most prevalent mode of interaction between a customer and a company, these one-on-one interactions with customers are incredibly important, which is why 35% of best-in-class organizations in the United States have implemented speech analytics in their call centers to gain contextual insights into the unstructured data contained to improve sales and keep customers coming back.

On this webinar, you’ll learn how to use speech analytics to access and leverage information contained in agent-customer phone conversations to:

  • Manage and improve agent performance and training.
  • Improve the customer experience while interacting with your agents.
  • Turn these agent-customer conversations into revenue opportunities.

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