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Webinar - Connecting Customer Experiences and Employee Experiences: CX Innovation in 2021

This webinar will take place on:
December 16, 2020
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

You’re living through an unexpected and rapid shift in the way you serve customers. CX practices must also change to meet the moment. Managing the dramatic influx of queries into all CX touchpoints - website inquiries, chatbot conversations, agent phone calls, customer feedback surveys - poses a growing threat to your business. 

When you connect both your customers and agents to a single source of truth across these channels, you can reduce risk and delight customers by creating seamless transitions from self-service to agent support.

Listen in on a conversation between Matt Wujciak, CCW Digital Writer and Analyst, and Lucidworks’ VP of Product Marketing, Justin Sears, as they discuss how data-driven personalization and machine-learning strengthen omni-channel connectivity, and profitable CX at scale.

Come prepared with questions!

In this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • Why connecting your Customer Experience (CX) with your Employee Experience (EX) will increase both internal operational efficiency and external customer satisfaction
  • How automating personalization will improve customer loyalty and retention rates
  • How to leverage your data so your chatbots can tackle the low hanging fruit - freeing up time for your support agents to solve the tough problems that require a human touch


Matt Wujciak
Digital Writer & Analyst

Matt is a digital writer, analyst, and marketer for CCW Digital, the #1 global online community and research hub for customer experience professionals. Matt’s work has been featured by a number of different publications and NYT and WSJ bestselling authors, Forbes coaches and contributors, and C-level executives from fortune 500 companies.

Connect with Matt at or on linkedin.


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