Build, Grow and Scale an Excellent Contact Center Experience

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The contact center is a key driver of customer experience. But, if they are calling about an issue, then the stakes are high. Creating an outstanding customer experience begins with engaged employees, yet staff turnover is one of the biggest problems that contact centers face today. It has a huge impact on the costs and the quality of service, and ultimately the organization's bottom line.

With the right approach, tools and insights, you can turn your Contact Center into an operation that leads to lasting positive experiences with improved employee and customer loyalty.

In this webinar, Qualtrics and J.D. Power will share how the best companies build, grow, and scale a frictionless Contact Center experience.

What you'll learn:
· Why customer expectations are so critical to customer experience
· Strategies for setting long-term customer service priorities
· What top performing contact centers do to improve timeliness of resolution
How to use feedback from your customers to help coach agents to excellence

When: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 | 2PM ET
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