Leveraging Your Scorecards: The ABCs to Test Your Best Metrics

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Leveraging the Agent Scorecard to attain overall Excellence

Continuously, businesses have taken measures to gain a better customer’s relationship in the buying and selling of products and services. Many take a ‘snapshot’ look at marketing, operations, or automation, but few through the eyes of Total Customer Service Excellence. The forward-thinking picture of today’s competitive market demands diagnostics in areas that quantify change and build strategic outcomes.  In today’s IQ session, lets talk about the optimization of tangible, actionable, and visible checkpoints for Excellence by use of your Balanced Scorecard.

  • Agents -  what do they WANT to know:  How can I hire, monitor, coach using a unified Scorecard for feedback?
  • Business IQ - what do they NEED to know: Where and if the organization might prioritize a change for branding and investments?
  • Customer - what do you KNOW about them: What levels satisfaction to service recovery can help the Agent fulfill a request?
  • Systems is the 4th dimension!  How might you forecast and give probability to the unknown processes and technologies?
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