Channel Enablement: Tips for Effectively Driving Business Growth

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Companies count on their channel partnerships to maximize profits, add market share, expand into new markets, reduce sales costs and help customers achieve their full business potential.  However, driving business through channels effectively can be a challenge for any size organization.  Recruiting the best set of partners capable of selling and supporting your products and services is only the first step; how do you enable them to develop, sell, and sustain business on your behalf?

Forward thinking organizations understand that quickly engaging and enabling new partners is critical to maximizing channel sales potential. Channel partners now expect their vendors to provide easy and quick access to education and a higher level of support that will solidify the partnership, strengthen mutual business growth and develop trust and loyalty. This complimentary webinar will provide you with best practice strategies for enhancing channel effectiveness and empowering partners with the tools and information they need to accelerate the sales cycle.

Key take-aways include:

  • An understanding of how to overcome current challenges organizations face with respect to improving channel enablement, including education, partner loyalty and revenue
  • How technology enabled learning can be used to improve channel effectiveness
  • A  a channel enablement maturity assessment and readiness model against which to benchmark your business
Frank Ricciardi Vice President of Global Account Services Cornerstone OnDemand
Ray Pitts Executive Director of Client Development Intrepid Learning Solutions