Driving Extreme Employee Engagement in a Highly Dispersed Workforce

Microsoft's new approach to employee motivation and performance management

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02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

How can you ensure equal levels of engagement, awareness and focus in a diverse and global workforce? How can you make sure Suzie from the sales center in Georgia is on the same page as Mieko who works from home for the Tokyo service center or Subhro from the help desk in Jakarta? At Microsoft, a new approach to employee motivation and performance management has achieved that and much more. Applying tools like gamification, real time feedback, cross-platform communication and data driven adaptive microlearning, Microsoft's Global Store Support unit has been able to drive extreme levels of engagement and align processes and knowledge levels across a wide range of different departments and locations.

Elke Duncker, Technical Service Delivery Leader at Microsoft, and Dee Nilles, Contact Center Expert and Enthusiast, will share a page from their playbook to explain how they did it.

This webinar will be packed great practical advice and field examples of:

  • How to sustainably engage employees with goals and targets and training
  • How to deliver the right training at the right people at the right time
  • How gamification can motivate employees to focus, learn and improve
  • How to measure and continuously improve the ROI on these activities

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