How to create a global digital platform to support a connected student community across 100 offices in 36 countries

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IDP matches students to tertiary education around the world. Their team of counsellors help students to find the best course for them, they also provide assistance with university applications and visa requirements; then continue to work closely with students and their families to support them throughout their time studying in that country.  

To realise IDP’s vision of building a global platform and connected community to guide international students through their education journey, IDP have embarked on their down digital transformation. We invite you to join IDP’s Director of Customer and Operations Transformation, Chris Costley who will take you through some of the challenges and opportunities presented with a transformative approach to customer experience, including some practical advice on how customer led co-design can set you free as a business.

Join the webinar to learn more:

  • How to create meaningful customer outcomes in the digital world
  • IDP’s digital transformation challenges
  • The role of NICE inContact in IDP’s transformation
  • Creating a global community of best practice to keep the dream alive.

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