Managing Social Media As A Customer Service Channel

Posted: 07/27/2011

Are you considering adopting social media as a direct channel for customer service? If so, it’s important to remain aware that the way in which your customers communicate via social media, will never be as straightforward as the way they communicate to traditional channels for CRM. However, similar to traditional customer service, the tone of what your customers say may vary from: overly irate, pleasantly satisfied, to just plain confusing. So no matter how sophisticated social CRM monitoring tools and moderators are, key service level information will frequently range from static, to highly critical. In turn, it is important that your organization is able to effectively manage your customers via social CRM, and act upon their needs quickly and accordingly. In this session, learn how the established protocols for traditional customer service, can effectively be transferred into benchmarks for implementing social media for customer service:

  • Transform call center staff into community managers, and social CRM wizards
  • Identify service metrics: relevant KPIs and best practice quality assurance
  • How to adopt social media for improved SLA and field service
  • Reduce customer service costs and achieve optimal outcomes through social CRM