Paul Greenberg

President The 56 Group

Thursday, August 20

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

12:15 PM Creating Joint Value through Empathy and Impactful Engagement

In the 21st century, we’ve seen social media, digital media, and new technologies transform how businesses and organizations create and distribute information to customers – but what else is needed to achieve competitive advantage?


The answer is effective customer engagement and empathy. The fundamental principal of an organization is providing an experience that keeps the customer coming back. Engaging with your customer provides immense value for both sides of the exchange. CX leaders should understand what’s needed operationally to ensure interactions are executed in a meaningful way.


We'd like to invite you to join ServiceNow and their guest Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group, to learn how to engage and transform your customer experience process in order to provide value on both sides of the exchange. 


In this event, we’ll discuss:

·     Creating a customer service and CX strategy

·     How to use empathy as a strategy for delivering the best customer experience

·     The value exchange provided through customer interactions and its benefits

·     Customer experience’s larger impact on businesses and society